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BB Cement has been one of the first companies to go into battle with StopRhinoPoaching.com (SRP”) to help fight the WAR against rhino poaching!

BB Cement National Rhino Campaign in support of StopRhinoPoaching.com launched in July 2011 and it has been our passion since to help fight the WAR against rhino poaching.

We are a cement manufacturing plant based in Ga-Rankuwa who distributes between 600 000 to 700 000 bags of cement a month. Our distribution range is nationwide - especially into rural areas surrounding our wildlife areas, as well as Swaziland, Botswana and Namibia. Seeing an excellent opportunity to create awareness in communities surrounding rhino  reserves, SRP has purchased a cell phone - a community informant line - whicnow sits permanently with the Hawks. As part of our Rural Areas Project, we have rebranded our cement bag with the SRP detail on and are distributing pamphlets and posters displaying this number and asking communities to help with information on rhino poaching. Airtime for this line will be topped up using funds raised by SRP from the sale of their rhino bands.

For every bag of cement we sell, BB Cement is contributing to help raise funds that will assist in saving our Rhino’s!

Since 1s Desember 2011 till 31s October 2013 we have raised more than R50000 that went towards



SRP purchased a light sport aircraft called a FoxBat which was donated to the Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Agency for rhino monitoring and security patrols on one of their key rhino reserves.


Please find attached andBeyond PR_R1.2 Million Donation to Aid Against Rhino Poaching_2013 PDF


The Olienhout boys have been absolutely amazing in their support for SRP over the last 3 years, and when this came up (we all cover our own costs) it quickly became apparent that I had to rise to the challenge.

The guys wearing 3 rhino suits climb to the Everest base camp raising funds going to Phinda down in Zululand, and the guys have already brought in round about R70 000 from walking sponsorships etc.

We need your help today that can save a Rhino tomorrow!

BB Cement

Help protecting our heritage by building the foundations of the future.

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